Your Success Is Our Success
​Our success depends upon representing your interests correctly. We place quality at the center of everything we do and can solicit vital client feedback at every opportunity in order to continually improve your standing in the career marketplace. This point is critical. Being able to receive feedback from a company enables a candidate to refine technique and ultimately land the ideal position. Think of us an agent, with exclusive and intimate access to the very position you desire.
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Representing Your Interests​​

Relationships  |  Advocacy  |  Confidentiality  

The Talent Consultants realize that deciding to affect a career transition is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. That is why we take the opportunity to build deep relationships with our candidates so that we understand their career aspirations, their personal goals, and where they believe they can be most succesful. Forging deeper relationships translates into to more salient represenation of your interests to our clients - we present them with your whole picture, not simply your resume and compensation requirements. By taking the time to understand you we gain unique insight into the types of organizations and roles will best suit your skills, experience, and career tragectory. Brokering the correct match between client company and candidate is the essence of what we do and we are only successful when we listen intently to both parties. We represent talented individuals with exceptional skills who are interested in a career-long relationships.

Timing is everything when you sense it is time for a career transition. The vast majority of our candidates are gainfully employed and not actively seeking an immediate exit from their current employer. Our candidates trust The Talent Consultants to discretely represent their interests within the hidden job market.


Comprehensive Approach

Expert Coaching  | Career Counseling  |  Feedback

At The Talent Consultants, matching the right candidates with our client partners' opportunities and cultures is our goal. We are committed to identifying candidates whose career objectives, experience, technical skills and personal ethos complement and support our client's teams and business objectives. As we are laser-focused on quality, we work with our candidates closely throughout the selection process. Our experienced search team conducts extensive interviews, provides consultative assistance, and provides vital feedback every step of the way. This feedback ensures that you continually improve your stature in the career marketplace. Being able to leverage our career advice and receive cogent feedback from a company enables a candidate to refine their professional presentation and delivery technique. This will ultimately enable you to land your targeted position.

Think of The Talent Consultants as your exclusive career agent. We provide access to a diverse array of world-class clients while empowering you  with potent career advice, strategic coaching to augment your personal brand, and honest feedback to help you attain the career fulfillment you desire.